About Us


For as long as coaches have been coaching tennis athletes there has been a void in the area of accountability for processing lessons, tournaments, drills, etc.  Teaching the mental game has always been quite elusive for the tennis teacher.  Most students will not remember what they have learned during a lesson, match, drill, and they certainly do not take the time to process this valuable information they have just experienced. 

At Track My Tennis, we understand that there is much more to learning tennis than just hitting the ball.  That is precisely why we strive to create a well balanced and educated athlete through the process of journaling, goal setting, and opponent tracking.   We have created a one of a kind, fun and easy method that aids in the mental and cognitive development of the athlete.  

Track My Tennis is simple and user friendly.  Athletes will retain more information as they create a collective database filled with past lessons, current and past goal setting, and an opponents played virtual notebook.   Athletes can invite their personal coaches to review their notes, and coaches can even leave feedback for the athlete to review.

Track My Tennis is a complete modern tool that also includes a tournament/drill calendar, a video library for analysis, as well as informational sections on strength, footwork, and nutrition.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and learn a little more about this cutting edge tool!